<p>A temple dedicated to Vediovis on the Tiber island, known only from literary sources and epigraphic evidence (e.g., <i>Fast. Praen.</i>: VEDIOVI IN INSVLA, in Degrassi, <i>Inscr. Ital.</i> 13.2, 111, 388). The shrine was vowed by the praetor L. Furius Purpurio in 200 B.C. and dedicated by C. Servilius in 194 B.C. (Degrassi). Scholars often confuse it with the shrine to *Iuppiter Iurarius (Brucia 48-55), and it is not even clear that they were two separate buildings (Richardson). Such ambiguity is evident in Ovid (<i>Fast.</i> 1.293-94) and Livy (31.21.12, with <i>aedemque deo Iovi</i> emended to <i>aedemque Vediovi</i>); in any case, Vediovis was a form of Jupiter (<i>OCD</i> 1583).</p>