<p>An arch at the E end of the *Forum erected by Q. Fabius Maximus Allobrogicus in 121 B.C. to commemorate a triumph over the Allobroges (Degrassi, <i>Inscr. Ital</i>. 13.1, 560), then restored by Fabius’ grandson in 57 B.C. (<i>CIL</i> VI 1303, 1304, 31593). The arch was located at the entrance to the Forum on the *Sacra Via (cf. Cic., <i>De or</i>. 2.267: <i>ad fornicem Fabianum</i>; <i>Planc</i>. 17.7; Sen., <i>Constant</i>. 1.3), but the precise location is much debated. Sources describe the Fornix Fabianus as ‘next to the Regia’ (<i>iuxta Regiam</i>: schol. <i>Cic</i>. 211 Stangl), ‘next to the stone wellhead of Scribonius Libo which is in the Porticus Iulia’ (<i>ad puteal Scribonii Libonis quod est in porticu Iulia</i>: schol. <i>ad Pers</i>. 4.49), and ‘before the Sacra Via between the Temple of Faustina and the Temple of Vesta’ (<i>ante Sacram viam, inter templum Faustinae &lt;ac Vestam&gt;</i>: SHA, <i>Gall</i>. 19.4). Scholars have located the arch both to the S and to the N of the *Regia, but an emerging consensus (cf. Chioffi) favors a location to the N, mainly on the basis of recent excavations (Steinby) and Coarelli’s persuasive analysis of the literary evidence.</p>