<p>Republican temple of Diana Planciana on the <i>collis Latiaris</i> of the *Quirinal; its name and probable location are known from inscriptions commemorating an AEDITVMVS (temple keeper) of the sanctuary (<i>AE</i> 1971 nos. 31-32: DIANAE PLANCIANAE) . The temple has been linked to Cn. Plancius (<i>curule aedile</i> in 55 or 54 B.C.), an affiliation possibly supported by the appearance of Diana in his coinage (<i>RRC</i> 432/1; Panciera and Richardson identify the feminine head as Diana; Crawford, in <i>RRC</i>, identifies her as personified Macedonia). L. Munatius Plancus (<i>PIR</i><sup>2</sup> M 728) is another possible donor for the temple (Panciera). Either way, the temple was certainly erected before Augustus ended the senatorial tradition of eponymous temple dedications (Panciera).</p> <p>The temple was located near the intersection of Via Panisperna and Salita del Grillo, where fragments of an archaistic female statue, perhaps the cult statue, were recovered along with the two inscriptions (<i>AE</i> 1971. 31-32; Panciera). Since the travertine architectural remains found on this site have been lost (Panciera), we must still be cautious, but the mention of imperial freedmen as AEDITVI (<i>CIL</i> VI 2210) suggests that the cult site was of some size (Chioffi).</p>