<p>The basilica along the N side of the *Forum, opposite the *Basilica Iulia was rebuilt <i>c</i>. 54 B.C. by L. Aemilius Paullus (Cic., <i>Att</i>. 4.16.8; App., <i>B Civ</i>. 2.26; Plut., <i>Caes</i>. 29.3) to replace the Basilica Fulvia of 179 B.C. (Livy 40.51.5), and referred to after 54 B.C. as <i>Basilica Paulli</i> (with only two exceptions: Varro, <i>Ling</i>. 6.4: <i>Basilica Aemilia et Fulvia</i>; Pliny, <i>NH</i> 35.13: <i>Basilica Aemilia</i>). The rebuilt basilica of 54 B.C., which maintained the axis of the Basilica Fulvia and its dimensions to the S toward the Forum and to the N toward the *Macellum, while shortening its extension along its E–W axis (Bauer), was dedicated in 34 B.C. by Paullus’ son, L. Aemilius Paullus Lepidus (Dio Cass. 49.42.2). This basilica burned in 14 B.C. and was restored by Augustus and the friends of Paullus (Dio Cass. 54.24.2-3); it was restored again <i>c</i>. A.D. 22 by M. Aemilius Lepidus (Tac., <i>Ann</i>. 3.72).</p><p>In front of the basilica ran the *Porticus Gai et Luci (Mattern; Richardson), a series of 15 shops (<i>tabernae</i>) and a two-storey arcaded portico which effectively shielded the Basilica Paulli from the Forum. Excavations have revealed most of the ground-plan of the two structures (<i>LTUR</i> I, fig. 102), segments of which are represented on the Severan Marble Plan (Carettoni <i>et al.</i>, <i>Pianta</i> pl. 21; Rodríguez Almeida, <i>Forma</i> pl. 13, frag. 16 e).</p>